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Over multiple years, you may start noticing some malfunctions in your garage door or slow-downs.

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You may encounter minor wear-and-tear issues with your garage door, but if the safety or functionality of your door becomes compromised, you may need to hire a repairman before more serious damage occurs. Smith’s Garage Doors Alpharetta is a fully-equipped garage door supplier and repair shop in the Alpharetta area. Our cable repair and replacement services ensure that your garage door is functional, operable, and safe.


We assess your garage and determine what areas need repair and what is the best way to do so. During this assessment, we will learn what type of cables you already have installed.

Torsion Springs – These cables encircle springs on one end and are crimped on the other.

Extension Spring Cables – Running along the bottom and top of your garage door, these cables extend up to the lengths of the extension springs.

Safety Cables – The name implies that these cables run through springs to ensure them from breaking if a spring is damaged.

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Garage door cables are of great importance because they combine being metal with being flexible and strong. However, when they are used the right amount, the chances of them snapping or breaking do exist. Contact us to learn more about our cable repair and replacement services.


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