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Garage Door Opener Repair Experts Alpharetta, GA

Call Today For Same Day Opener Repairs or Replacements! The experts at Smith’s Garage Doors Alpharetta are knowledgeable about installing all types of garage doors and related equipment.

There are numerous types of garage door openers available, and our technicians are able to provide you with the information you need to determine the best option for you. We can install or repair the following types of garage door openers:

  • Chain drive
  • Belt drive
  • Direct drive
  • Screw drive

There are a number of garage openers that use a chain drive, and they are among the simplest and least expensive. Belt drives are made of metal-reinforced rubber belts that provide quiet operation and may require an additional investment. There are many alternatives to direct drives today. Screw drive openers are almost obsolete nowadays but we can still install or repair them for customers who have garage doors that operate on slightly older models.

Quality Services

We understand how to fix the Garage Door Opener right, quick and effectively

Available 24/7

We make sure to repair the Garage Door Opener within a day.

Simple Pricing

We offer reasonable rates for the Garage Door Openers.

Repairing your opener is usually cheaper than replacing it. We keep the most common parts on our trucks so we can usually repair your opener in a single visit.


  • If your opener was manufactured before 1993, it is not UL 325-compliant and should be replaced.
  • If a manufacturer has been successfully sued for safety defects, we will not repair that item.
  • If the opener does not have safety eyes, it fails UL 325 compliance.
  • In the event the motor is no longer manufactured and replacement parts are not available, we recommend that you replace it.

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Smith’s Garage Doors Alpharetta can repair your garage doors no matter what type of garage door it is. We have engineers working for us that can check the mechanical as well as electric parts of your garage door opener. They have all the needed knowledge about garage doors. They know what are possible issues your garage door opener may have and fix it promptly. If you have an automated system or a wi fi integrated system operating garage door opener, we can check the sensors if they are not working right.

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