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After January 1993 garage door manufacturers had to include photo eye sensors in their operating systems.

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It’s important to make sure your photo eyes are functioning properly if you suspect they aren’t. Here are some signs that your photo eye sensors are malfunctioning:

The garage door, no matter how many times you press the remote button, either stops in the middle of closing or gets stuck halfway between open and closed. While the garage door can be opened with no problem, it will not close correctly when instructed. Blinking occurs on at least one of two photo eye sensors.

When photo eye sensors aren’t working properly, you can try a few fixes to try and fix the issue. The first step would be to clean dust and debris from the lenses of the photo sensors with a cloth — this buildup can cause the equipment to fail. If your photo eye sensors are clean, check to make sure nothing is blocking their path or one of them is not misaligned. Repositioning the photo eye sensors is usually necessary to fix any operational issues your garage door has.

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A garage door used to close automatically when someone pressed the door button, regardless of whether someone or something was in its path. Photo eye sensors now require the garage door to be closed by a photo eye sensor. An eye sensor that works properly prevents both personal injury and property damage. Give Smith’s Garage Doors Alpharetta a call now!


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