Garage Door Drum Replacement

A malfunctioning overhead door is a source of frustration. Often, a garage door drum replacement is needed. Drum maintenance can pause your day so that the garage door works properly.

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Garage Door Drum Replacement Experts

Smith’s Garage Doors Alpharetta‘s technical expertise in this area ensures that you will be properly fixed along with your garage door as the main wheel of your garage door that carries the cables and other tension elements.

It is one thing that sets us apart from the competition that we focus on excellent customer service and reliable local garage door service. The garage door drums of some malfunctioning garage door controllers will not need to be replaced. Many of these situations can be handled with simple methods. adjustments to the garage door drum wheel. Maintaining your overhead door includes adjusting the rollers at the front and rear of the shafts.

In cases where your garage doors become noisy or shake when in use, it may be necessary to replace your garage door drum. When drums and drum wheels are not properly maintained, dirt and dust will accumulate over time. This lack of maintenance leads to corroded components that need to be replaced to prevent further failures.

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